Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recent Patch - The happenings

Heres a quick update on the recent patch.

1. Executioner's calling was bugged and granted a 12:1 Ap raio. Meaning 100 Ap will deal 1200 in burn damage over 12 seconds. However, it was quickly popularized and hotfixed at 10 PM Pst.

2. Udyr, a seemingly underwhelming champion. Players are still adapting to him to a viable playstyle. However, I don't think we will be seeing one too soon once he goes off of the free to play rotation.

3. Tryndamere - Appears to be a very good champion. I've been seeing him a lot of games lately. It feels like crit items like avarice blades are the way to go.

4. Ryze - his spell flux reworked makes it used more as a chain lightning. With an ancient golem buff you will see him casting it every 6 seconds.

Overall feel of things - I've been seeing a lot more physical carries as of late. Casters are slowly becoming underwhelming once again like prior to the wipes. I'm really digging Gangplank right now (for team orientated play). Especially because he is on free rotation. I stack him with Red Marks of Shielding, Yellow Seals of Evasion, Blue Glyphs of Shielding, and Quintessence of Fortitude. I first Build a Meki Pendant, Tabi, Frozen Heart, then Sunfires or Banshees. It feels like he can run into anything and walk out alive.


  1. Have you tried Udyr with Malady at all? Or anyone else reading this for that matter. I didn't think of it until this morning. The debuff will only be applied on the first hit but the stacking damage should take affect for each of the three hits since it's something that's applied on the target champion.

    He seems really viable for an early Baron strat with Mandreds, Turtle, and Tiger. Turtle makes him a good tank and Tiger lets him proc Mandred's like Crazy.

    He's also seems like a really strong jungler with a Pheonix + Turtle build.

    Also what are your opinions of the new and rebalanced items?

  2. Have you tried Mejai's on casters yet? You can get really high AP fast if you get some kills early.

  3. Malady on Udyr only triggers the damage on the first hit of tiger strike. I assume the damage and the debuff are triggered by the malady proc for the malady holder. (Otherwise it would be five damage behind, as i understand it.)

  4. I agree, Udyr is underwhelming. It was hard to get a game last night because people quit at champion select either because a.) they didn't get Udyr and wanted to play him, or b.) nobody wants to play with an Udyr because he sucks. It's gotten to where, like Heimer, if people see that you will have a Heimer or Udyr on your team, then you ALT-F4 and wait for a new game.

    Regarding carries owning casters, I feel this is unfortunately true as well. Mejai's nerf slowed the ability of casters to get their AP at the early-mid part of the game, whereas physical DPS was largely in-tact. The exception (imho) is CardMaster; he is still awesome.