Thursday, April 1, 2010

Urf Revealed

Unfortunately, today, the story of Urf Day took a tragic turn, for as Urf was swimming along, dutifully guarding the river in the Summoner's Rift, he met with a tragic demise. Eye-witness accounts have been unreliable at best, but everyone seems to agree that just before it happened a blue streak was seen darting out of the nearby jungle. A great clamor ensued, followed by the doleful screams of a manatee done wrong. In the end, all that was left of this brave prince amongst sea cows was his skin... and even that was stolen by this most nefarious of perpetrators.

Now any good story needs a moral. So if there's anything that the story of Urf Day and the story of the Big Bad Wolf have in common, it's this: deep within every wolf, there is a cunning master of disguise just waiting to get out. Take Warwick, for instance; a giant, bloodthirsty werewolf able to cunningly adapt by blending into even the most innocent of surroundings. He could be anywhere at any time... behind a rock, in the brush, in the jungle, or cleverly masquerading as a lovable, spatula-wielding manatee. 

If you want to ensure that your Blood Hunter appears completely inconspicuous to even the most wary of foes, be sure to snatch up the Urf the Manatee skin, on sale now in the League of Legends store. Now, you’ve all heard about Legendary skins. And so, in light of the recent events, Marketing has determined that the Urf the Manatee skin is now even more Legendary than we had originally anticipated. As such, Warwick’s Urf the Manatee skin will be available at the cost of 5,000 RP. However, in the interests of giving everyone the opportunity to pay their respects to this magnificent mammal, Marketing has also agreed to offer this tribute to his splendor at 99% off for one week only. That’s right: I said 99% off! At a cost of only 50 RP, you have no reason to shirk paying tribute to the passing of this brave soul!

During the second week of availability, the Urf the Manatee skin will be purchasable for 500 RP (still not a bad deal, considering that’s 90% off). And on Urf’s final day, if you haven’t yet snatched him up, you’ll have one final chance to do so for 5000 RP. So hurry and fire up the League of Legends store, already! It’s Urf Day!

Urf the Manatee’s final resting place is the Skins section of the Store. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family.

Kennen Pictures from

League of Legends has announced, exclusively here at Curse, the release of a new character, Kennen! Kennen is similar to the champion Shen, he uses an energy system, as opposed to mana or health, to cast abilities. This system caps the maximum amount of energy Kennen can have, and regenerates Kennen's energy very rapidly.
Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest
Champion type: mage, assassin
There exists an ancient order originating in the Ionian Isles dedicated to the preservation of balance. Order, chaos, light, darkness -- all things must exist in perfect harmony for such is the way of the universe. This order is known as the Kinkou and it employs a triumvirate of shadow warriors to uphold its causes in the world. Kennen is one of these shadow warriors, entrusted with the sacred duty of Coursing the Sun - tirelessly conveying the justice of the Kinkou.

Kennen was born in Bandle City and it is said that in his first living moments he bolted first from the womb and second from the midwife who delivered him. His parents had thought that he would outgrow his boundless energy, but as he matured, his energy found no limits and was matched only by his unnerving speed. Despite his astonishing gifts, he remained unnoticed (or at least uncaught, as he was quite the prankster) until, on a dare, he ran straight up the great outer wall of the Placidium. When word of this feat reached Kinkou ears, Kennen was quickly and quietly brought for an audience. He found that the role of the Heart of the Tempest suited him, frenetically delivering both the word and the punishments of the Kinkou across the realm. He now works with his fellows Akali and Shen to enforce the balance of Valoran. This hallowed pursuit has unsurprisingly led the triumvirate to the Fields of Justice.
The Heart of the Tempest beats eternal…and those beaten remember eternally.


Thundering Shuriken:
Kennen throws a lightning shuriken to a target location, dealing damage and adding a Mark of the Storm debuff to the first enemy it hits.

Electrical Surge:
Passive: Kennen's weapon becomes charged every few attacks, dealing extra damage and adding a Mark of the Storm debuff on his next attack.
Active: Kennen deals damage and adds another Mark of the Storm to all nearby enemies who currently have a Mark of the Storm debuff on them.

Lightning Rush:

Kennen turns into a pulsating ball of lightning for several seconds, moving incredibly fast and gaining the ability to pass through units.  Any enemy unit he touches in this form is dealt damage and receives a Mark of the Storm.

Slicing Maelstrom (ultimate):
Kennen creates a storm of shurikens and lightning around himself, summoning down a powerful energy bolt to a nearby enemy champion every half of a second, dealing damage and adding a Mark of the Storm with each strike.

Mark of the Storm (passive):
Kennen's abilities add a Mark of the Storm debuff to enemies.  Upon reaching 3 stacks of the Mark of the Storm debuff, the enemy is stunned and Kennen receives an energy boost.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Most of you guys may or may not have known that Riot has been partnering with Tencent a Chinese online game behemoth. The Chinese version of LoL will be very different from the US and EU version in terms of character development. Although they will adopt most of our champions the skills and skills associated with the skin will not necessarily be the same. Here are some screen shots of the Chinese LoL Concept art which has been dug up for a couple of months now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mastery Remake Leak

Total Masteries: 21
Total Points: 49


Brute Strength 4/4 – increases damage by 1/2/3/4
Sorcery 4/4 – increases ability power by 2/4/6/8
Demolish 2/2 – You deal 5/10 extra damage to turrets


Alacrity 4/4 – reduces cooldowns by 0.5/1/1.5/2% and increases attack speed by 0.75/1.5/2.25/3%
Sunder 4/4 – you gain 2/4/6/8 Armor Penetration
Offense Synergy 1/1 - for each summoner spell on cooldown, you gain 2 Attack Damage and 4 Ability Power
Blast 4/4 – you gain 2/4/6/8 Magic Penetration


Deadliness 4/4 – you gain 0.75/1.5/2.25/3% critical chance
Imbued Attacks 3/3 – 1.33/2.67/4% of your AP is added to your attack damage
Killer Instinct 1/1 – You deal 4% more damage to targets with less than 20% health
Superior Technique 3/3 - You deal 2/4/6% more damage to targets with more than 100 armor/magic resist


Lethality 3/3 – You deal 2.5/5/7.5% more critical damage.
Empowered Aura 3/3 - Magical damage dealt % increased by 4/8/12% of your Critical Chance (Note - Mostly for Ashe i think)
Berserker’s Call 1/1 – While below 25% health, you gain 10 Attack Damage and 20 Ability Power.
Offensive Mastery 1/1
Your Exhaust spell cripples the target, causing -10 armor and magic resist.
Your Ignite spell lasts 1 second longer.
Your Ghost spell lasts 2 seconds longer.
Your Flash spell cools down 20% faster.


Extra Sting 1/1 - Increases all damage you deal by 3 (including periodic effects)
Absorbtion 3/3 – You steal 1/2/3% health on dealing damage.
Archmage’s Savvy 1/1 – +4 Ability Power at level 18
Seasoned Cunning 1/1 - +3% Attack Speed at level 18


Havoc 1/1 – Increases your total damage dealt by 4%.
Fervor 1/1 - All allied champions deal 1 extra damage.

Total Masteries: 20
Total Points: 48


Hardiness 4/4 – Increases your armor by 2.5/5/7.5/10
Resistance 4/4 – Increases your magic resist by 2.5/5/7.5/10
Reflect 2/2 – You reflect 2/4 magic damage to minions that attack you.


Evasion 4/4 – Increases dodge chance by 0.5/1/1.5/2%
Ardor 3/3 – Increases your attack damage by 1.5/3/4.5% of your armor.
Defense Synergy 1/1 - For each summoner spell on cooldown, you gain 4 Armor and Magic Resist
Diamond Strength 2/2 - Reduces damage taken by 1/2


Veteran’s Scars 4/4 – increases your health by 15/30/45/60
Nimbleness 1/1 – On dodge, gain 10% move speed for 4 sec.
Focus 3/3 - increases healing and regeneration by 3.33/6.66/10%
Duelist 3/3 - Reduces damage taken from champions by 1/2/3%, and increases damage dealt to champions by 1/2/3%


Faith 3/3 – Increases your AP by 3/6/9% of your magic resist.
Feast 4/4 - You regain 2/4/6/8 Health whenever you kill a unit.
Last Stand 1/1 – While below 25% health, you gain 25 armor and magic resist.
Defensive Mastery 1/1
Your Heal spell restores 10 Health per level more.
Your Revive spell can be used as a 5 second Chronoshift while alive. (Alternative: after casting Revive, you gain 75% move speed for 30 seconds, dispelled on damage or teleport)
Your Cleanse skill increases to 90% debuff reduction.
Your Fortify skill causes turrets to deal 50% splash damage and deal 50% more damage.
Your Rally skill also increases Magic Resist and Armor by 20.


Tenacity 3/3 – Reduces all damage taken by 1.33/2.66/4%.
Master's Mark 2/2 - Gives +32/64 Health at level 18
Lesser Crush 1/1 – 10% chance on hitting a minion to increase damage dealt by 100.


Strength of Body 1/1 – Reduces disable duration by 10%.
Regeneration 1/1 - All allied champions gain 1 Hp5, and you gain 1 extra Hp5.


Total Masteries: 20
Total Points: 48


Good Hands 4/4 – Reduces death time by 3/6/9/12%. Whenever you respawn, you gain 100/200/300/400 health for 1 minute.
Expanded Mind 4/4 – Increases your mana by 10/20/30/40, plus 1/2/3/4 per level.
Inspiration 2/2 - Whenever you kill or assist a champion kill, you gain 30/60 Health and 15/30 Mana


Awareness 4/4 – Increases experience gained by 1.25/2.5/3.75/5%
Clarity 4/4 - Increases your Mp5 by 1/2/3/4
Symbiosis 1/1 – Monster buffs last 25% longer
Utility Synergy 1/1 - For each summoner spell on cooldown, you gain 2% cooldown reduction and 1% movement speed


Strength of Spirit 3/3 - Increases your Attack Damage by 0.15/0.3/0.45% of your maximum Mana
Greed 1/1 – You gain 1.5 additional gold whenever you kill a minion.
Quickness 4/4 – increases Move Speed by 1/2/3/4%
Resistant Skin 3/3 - resists damage from AoE spells by 2/4/6%


Wizardry 3/3 – Increases your Ability Power by 0.2/0.4/0.6% of your maximum Health
Intelligence 4/4 – Reduces cooldowns by 1/2/3/4%.
Run Like Hell 1/1 – While below 25% health, you gain 8% movement speed
Utility Mastery 1/1 – Buffs your utility summoner spells
Your Smite skill instantly kills Rally flags or Promoted units, and grants +5 gold when used.
Your Promote spell grants all gold earned by the minions to you
Your Clairvoyance spell lasts 5 seconds longer
Your Teleport skill takes 2 seconds less to cast
Your Clarity spell reduces the cooldown of all champion abilities by 2 seconds


Presence of the Master 3/3 – Reduces summoner spell cooldowns by 6/12/18%.
Surefooted 2/2 - While under the effects of a Slow debuff, you gain 10/20% Move Speed. (Is it multiplicative? Additive would suck)
Rabbit Hole 1/1 – Reduces the cast time of your Recall spell by 1.5 sec


Wealth 1/1 – You start with 60 extra gold, and earn an additional 1 gold per 10 seconds
Fecundity 1/1 - All allied champions have 1 Mp5

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rune Mod Worksheet

Rune Mod Worksheet

A very simple rune work sheet for anyone to use. Please do not change any of the equations. Only edit the fields highlighted light blue.

Sorry, I changed the editing ability because someone erased the sheet. Now you have to download the sheet to use it.