Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rune Mod Worksheet

Rune Mod Worksheet

A very simple rune work sheet for anyone to use. Please do not change any of the equations. Only edit the fields highlighted light blue.

Sorry, I changed the editing ability because someone erased the sheet. Now you have to download the sheet to use it.


  1. Nice!

    The one thing i'm taking away from this is what a HUGE DEAL runes are. That's quite a big improvement...

  2. I may be wrong, but I think you might be calculating crit damage wrong...

    It seems like an input of crit damage 200% is not calculating that a crit does 2x as much damage as a non-crit, but is actually calculating it as 300% or x3. Perhaps a slight error in the formula.

    Anyhow, thanks for this, it is useful.

  3. I just checked out the sheet again. It calculates damage per second. So the damage you gain from furor runes depends on your crit rate.

    For example if you have 500% crit damage. But 0 crit chance, your dps doesn't increase.

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  5. well i believe that Full Furor is a failure from the fact that ,as u said, the crit chance is what makes the crit happen
    For Example if i full my sheet with Malice (i think that is the Crit Chance name for the runes right?) i will have 20.2% chance to crit which results like 1.25/3 chance of crits on every hit so basically a little lower than half the hits Crit!Other than waiting to Lay a Crit of 300% dmg is far more preferable to lay three crits of the regular double dmg.That's my opinion though anyone can go as he wishes about it but for me furor is practically waste of ip...Plus the only build that has to be from one kind of Rune is Crit CHance.Beside that u should always mix the runes with two kinds(3:1)
    P>S u former sheet with Desolation was FAR more better than this

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