Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ashe Guide Supplemental 1.0

I've heard some feed back on the guide on how it is missing a lot of information. This supplemental is to address that. I'd also like to repeat myself that this guide is not finish and I will continue to add more information on Ashe game play.

One of the biggest question people ask is when and why do I go philostone vs lifesteal/doran. I generally will go philostone if I expect to lane against some beasty heros like liche of cryo. What philostone does for me is the ability to spam volley to farm and damage them while staying back. Because either of those 2 heros can out nuke as in a solo mid situation if played correctly. Then there is the Doran shield(+1 health pot)/lifestealer. I go doran shield when I expect to lane against a physical damaging hero. The doran shield extra health and physical damage reduction allow you to be extra aggressive. Even though you are not healing as much as a regrowth pendant the extra armor reduces physical damage by 7-10% which more than make up for it.

Life stealer on the other hand is very iffy. I would only recommend it if you have absolute control over your Ashe. IE: health control, mana control, range control. Because you have to be hitting to be healing, you have have to be extra cautious and capitalize on hits when you can and back when you cant.

Then for the Infinity Edge. The are several reasons for infinity edge. I'll start off with the smaller points then work my way up. As creeps get stronger it will be increasingly hard to last hit especially when towers are knock downed and waves gets larger than 6. What this does for you is allow you to last hit well with out having to spam volley to freeze lanes by the towers so you would not be exposed to ganks.

Then next reason is the multiplying effect you get with your Furor/Armor Pen rune book. The effects of getting the Infinity Edge is multiplicative where most other items are additive. I'll do some calculations then I will edit this post later on more specific effects.

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  1. How much efficiency am I losing by going with attackspeed runes instead of furor?
    I take attack speed to get more last hits (obviously it is less efficient but easier to get last hits).

    In the end game am I likely to run into the attackspeed cap or am I not losing out on much this way?