Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ashe Guide Strategy/Lane Control

The next part I'd like to address when playing is how to lane that champion. In this section of the guide I will be focusing on 3 main skill points. Farming, Harassing, and Ganking assuming that he solos mid.

1. Addressing all 3 points. My first strategy is to get Lizard buff at level 1. Having Ashe get the lvl 1 lizard buff allows him to greatly improve his last hitting in lane. At the same time it also allows you to harass the champions on the other side to deny they exp and gold. Generally if you do not expect to have a 5 man forest gank or fight in the first 2 minutes of the game, getting frost arrow can secure you a high probability of getting first blood and total middle lane dominance.

2. Lane Control. For Ashe you generally want to keep the creeps closer to your side. This allows you to be protected by the tower to avoid ganks and if you decide to be the aggressor you have more space to chase before they eventually reach tower. Use your volley with discretion to farm and harass. When your lane is getting too close to your tower start hitting those volleys. The best volleys are hit when you can hit the creeps and champions at the same time. The important thing with volley is its pushing power. You generally do not want to volley so much that it expose yourself.

3. Last hitting. The biggest thing with last hitting is how the attack animation system works. Once your normal attacked is cooled down your next attack is pretty much instant, however your following attack will have the cool down of your attack speed. So the process of clicking around and waiting for creeps to lower then only do the last hits allows you a better chance for last hitting. Here are some pro-tips on how to last hit creeps at tower. For the ranged minion, they die to 1 Tower hit and 2 Ashe hits. So inorder to maximize all your last hit when creeps are at your tower. Focus on the ranged minions that your creeps are not hitting and hit it once in advance then wait for towers to hit it then hit it again. For the Melee Minions, they last 2 tower hits and 1 Ashe hits so just ignore them and let the tower hit them twice before you follow up.

4. Harassing. My favorite technique is to keep an eye on a creep that is about to die. Charge up my crit for like 5 secs as the other Ashe shoots for the last hit I run forward to volley and turn on frost arrow and chase for 1-3 hits. It significantly lowers their hit points and they had just a hit so their hit is now on cool down so he cant hit you back. This technique does not require volley, so in any case if you are active on controling your lane and harassing you should be able to last hit creeps and hit them when they go for their last hit. This technique will take a lot of practice because it is all about instant decision and timing.

5. Ganking. Ashe's best ability is his ultimate. As soon as he hits level 6 he should beable to kill someone. What I like to do when I hit lvl 6 is to burn all my mana and harass the champion I am playing against. I want to trick that that I have no mana to ult by burning it all then generally will pill close enough so they can see me do it but far enough so they cant disrupt it. From the well I would throw my arrow and wait about 4 seconds then teleport in as the arrow hits the hero. Bam, free kill. If my teleport is down I would generally audit top and bottom lanes to see which one is most gankable and roam there to try for a double kill. Even though you are missing out on mid farming and exp if you are able to get kills it makes up for it. Even if you decide that you don't want to leave the lane you can always throw your arrow globally.