Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ashe Guide V1.0

This is my first guide that I am posting. Since I first started playing the game I observed that there are a lot of players that plays Ashe so I thought it would be a good idea to give my input on how I play my Ashe. Initially I will only start with Summoners spells, Runes, Masteries, Skill, and Item Tree. Afterwards (not immediately in this guide) I will Include strategies and play style. I'm going to create some fraps for laning techniques for pre, mid, and end game.

First off there are a few critical things I think of when I play Ashe. How can I best support my team in a team fight and last as long as possible. This is my approach the first part. Coupling ashe with near infinite and instant slow snares (his frost arrows, volley, and global stun/slow skill shot that can slow 1-5 players) with impressive farming capability, in a team fight she can dish out some major damage.

To start I think it is important to think summoner spells, runes, and masteries. My favorite build is 21 Offense and 9 Utility with a Furor and Armor Penetration book.

Flash - 2 Main purposes: I use it to blink at people and do finishing blows or in a large team fight, when and if I get targeted, I swift direct a blink just out of the range of my focuser and continue to fight. Ashe has massive damage capability if she can survive to do it.

Teleport - One of the best support spell in the game. You see someone chase too far or want to save a tower. You can do that in 3 seconds.

3 Deadliness, 1 Archmage Savvy
1 Sorcery, 4 Alacrity
3 Sunder, 2 Offensive Mastery
3 Bruteforce
3 Brutality
1 Havoc

1 Teleport, 3 Perseverance
4 Awareness
1 Expanded Mind

9 Mark of Penetration
9 Seal of Furor
9 Glyph of Furor
3 Quintessence of Furor

Next is how to choose your skills.
The first skill I either choose is frost arrow or volley but never extra gold spell. Volley is good for those initial forest fights higher end players do. Frost arrow is for lvl 1 lane ganking. In either case you want to up lvl 1 volley and lvl 1 frost arrow by level 2.

Next from there on you want to keep on pumping and maxing your frost arrow. Volley or the gold skill is by preference next. If you are a philostone ashe then maxing volley first and getting lvl 2 frost arrow is an option. So here is my skill lvl build.

Skill Tree
No Philo (doran shield/lifestealer) VS Philostone
1. Volley - Volley
2. Frost - Frost
3. Frost - Volley
4. Gold - Frost
5. Frost - Volley
6. Ult - Ult
7. Frost - Volley
8. Gold - Frost
9. Frost - Volley
10. Gold - Frost
11. Ult - Ult
12. Gold - Frost
13. Gold - Gold
14. Volley - Gold
15. Volley -Gold
16. Ult - Ult
17. Volley - Gold
18. Volley - Gold

Item Tree - No Philo vs Philo
1. Doran shield/Lifestealer - Regrowth
2. Greaves -Combine for Philo
3. Pickaxe - Greaves
4. BF sword- Pick Axe
5. Infinities Edge - BF sword
6. Last whisper - Infinities
(double pot - agi - fort for nashor/rapeness)
7. Starks/Bloodthirster - Last whisper
8. User's Discretion


  1. Its interesting to see how other people think and approach using a powerful character like Ashe. The focus of your masteries and runes (hence your build) is to do damage primarily in a team fight, if I understood correctly. When do you feel its better to go for Philo stone and when do you feel its better to go for quick boots?

    For me I look at ashe differently... if you sub out some furor runes for some blue clarity runes, she has a lot of mana to work with, so you defintely don't need philo stone. You can then get boots early with healing pots. By using the utility summoner tree you can increase Movement speed and be able to play a very agressive ashe at the start. While its true you wont do as much damage in a fight, you are much better at getting to fights (due to reduced cooldown on summoner skills) and can use your ultimate more.

    Also don't you think its easier to get last whisper before infinity, unless you are doing extremely well. Its cheaper and gives you a significant damage boost for mid game especially when hitting characters with armor?

  2. You make some good points. I've tried the clarity rune build before and the reason I don't anymore is that the effects of the runes aren't noticeable until after lvl 6 at which you get about 5 mana/5 seconds. Also at high level fights, mana regen kind of just falls through the cracks because fights hardly last more than 30 seconds which in that time at lvl 18 with 9/9 clarities you would have only regenerated 90 Mana.

  3. Ya mana regen isn't for fights. Its for setting up for the fights. Spam Volley for farming and harass without needing a philosopher stones and use arrow at will.

    I agree: for optimal DPS in a five man fight which is what you are aiming, your build is the best.

  4. well what im doing so far is building all crit dmg runes (furor) and so far its working pretty well i mean once i get all the runes it would be at about 46% or so and early game would be useful and such...

    as for the item build i like to start with
    lifesteal->exicutioners (helps to crit ALOT)
    bezerkerz/bf sword (depednding on how well game is going)
    then bloodthirster/last whisper/maladay
    then whatever

  5. I succeed a lot with

    1. pickaxe
    2. battlegreives(i think that's what they're called)
    3. BF Sword -> Infinitys Edge
    4. Recurve bow -> Last Whisperer
    5. banshees veil or Phage
    6. banshees veil or Phage
    7. Blood thirster

    If im not getting stunned or w.e a lot, i usually skip to the bloodthirster

  6. Good guide, i'd like to see more

  7. thats good sets but when everi play ash i try to conentrate on atack and atack speed and mana i do this by getting this items
    dorans blade
    the atack speed shoes ( by this time im tristing mana)
    mana mune ( and span atacks)
    phantom dancer
    phantom dancer
    infinity blade
    and if you have time change the dorans balde into phantom dancer

    this set gives you high atack speed high mana high atack and constant critical hits and with infinity blade you get 250 percent critical skills.

    as for tacticts im a chaser i go into voley one then frost shot untill ulti this lets you chance stronger enemies since your faster then them.

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