Friday, October 2, 2009

How to Win Games - Death Fire Grasp

As you guy may know this last patch that was released has a lot of new contents. One item in particular that stood out to me was the Death Fire Grasp. This item's stats are:

+70 Ability Power
+30 Magic Resist
Passive: On cast you damage each of your nearby enemy 10% of their health.

This item especially stood out to me because it is stackable and can seem to drop an entire team in a team fight. Imagine an Evelyn with 4 of these a Ninja Tabi and a Warmog. Standing in the middle of champions instantly dropping nearly 40% of everyone's health instantly. I played a couple of games with her and getting this item. Do I think it is OP? Yes. Am I going to continue to use it? Yes. Everyone will and I feel that I am at a disadvantage if I don't. How broken this patch is, is another story to be told another day.

*EDIT - the tool tip says differently in different occasions. It seems to only affect targets being hit.

Oh ya, Death Fire Grasp works on Nashor. Try it, Nashor will die fast.

Go health quintessence,
Magic Resist Marks
Armor Seals
Magic Resist Glyphs

New update. Apparently, this item works very well on Jax. His empower procs it, his leapstrike procs it, and his counter strike procs it. Wow. A tank with DFG GG. Tabi, 2DFG, Banshee, Wardens.


  1. the item was nerfed a lot. u could make a new review of it. :) gl and gj

  2. ure retarded go die

  3. You can only use one of them, if you have two and you use one of them, both will go into cooldown! Stupid reject