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League of Legends Guide - Annie by Reginald

Annie- The Dark Child
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Nine Marks of Greater Resilience
Nine Seals of Greater Evasion
Nine Glyphs of Insight
Three Quintessence of Fortitude


Offensive Tree:
3 points into Archmage's Savvy
1 point into Cripple
4 points into Sorcery
1 point into Archaic Knowledge

Defensive Tree: None

Utility Tree:

1 point into Spatial Accuracy
3 points into Perseverance
4 points into Expanded mind
2 points into Utility mastery
3 points into Meditation
3 points into Movement
1 point into Blink of an Eye
3 points into Intelligence
1 point into Presence of the Master

Pregame Items:
Sapphire Crystal
Health Potion x 2

Leveling Skills:
Level 1: Incinerate
Level 2: Disintegrate
Level 3: Incinerate
Level 4: Disintegrate
Level 5: Disintegrate
Level 6: Summon: Tibbers
Level 7: Disintegrate
Level 8: Incinerate
Level 9: Disintegrate
Level 10: Incinerate
Level 11: Summon: Tibbers
Level 12: Incinerate
Level 13: Molten Shield
Level 14: Molten Shield
Level 15: Molten Shield
Level 16: Summon: Tibbers
Level 17: Molten Shiled
Level 18: Molten Shiled

Level 1: Incinerate
Adding a skill point into incinerate is very useful to the team because it is the deciding factor of an early team battle.

Tip: At level one add a skill into incinerate, and energize pyromani at the Reviving point. Doing so, you will acquire an AoE stun for 1.75 seconds by the 30 seconds mark. This very useful because in upper-level play, there will always be an early battle at dragon, Ancient Golem, or Ancient Lizard. Take advantage of Annie's AoE stun and grab First-blood. First blood at level 1 is very advantageous because the bonus 400 gold from that kill is equal to 20 creep kills and will help you outlane the enemy with the extra items bought.

Annie's Specialty: Annie is the type of hero that does massive burst damage and can easily kill an enemy champion within seconds of combat. Taking the Solo lane for Annie is the best decision in most cases. She is a very good ganker early and middle game. If she had farmed correctly she can be very powerful late game as well. Annie is the type of hero that is useful all-game, and especially devastating early game.

How to Lane: To dominate with Annie early game, it takes a very aggressive play-style but at the same time very passive. When Annie is Energized, play aggressive. When Annie is not Energize stay back to charge her stun. By level 2 you should take advantage of her Disintegrate. Constantly last hit creeps with Disintegrate to Energize yourself. When Energize is up Stun the opponent with Disintegrate and then Incinerate them (Offensive). Afterwards resume your passive play, back up and last hit creeps with Disintegrate to charge up your stun. (passive). When your Energize is up, follow up with another Disintegrate and Incinerate. Repeat the process until you think the hero is killable. Harass them until they are low enough to be killed. If you think you're able to kill them, charge up a stun and use your summoner spells(Exhaust and Flash) to go for the kill. . The trick to Annie is to lower the enemy champions health points enough for the opponent to think they are able to lane without dying, but not lower it enough for them to go back and heal. It is important to remember the opponents summoner’s spells at the preloading screen to gauge what they're capable of, when you are able to do so -- killing an opponent will be easy.

This spell is Annie's spammable spell that is mainly used to charge up Annie's stun (early game). It is very good in team fights and does massive overtime as well. In team fights, it is important to focus a target. Some examples of good targets to spam spells on in team fights are ; Ashe, Veigar, Tristana, mainly the paperweight/glass cannon heroes that are not very tanky.

This spell is very tough to use. I see other Annies miss in battles far too often. Always position yourself behind heroes and cast it from far away. Make sure to always hit 2 or more heroes with your Incinerate.
Tip: When Energize is up, try to use Incinerate to AoE stun their whole team (when you are not Tibbers stunning)

Molten Shield:
Make sure to always use this spell during battle. Not only does it help Annie from taking less damage, but it helps Annie charge up her Energize. Doing this will lower the duration of how long it takes to charge up a stun. During a team fight, an Annie should beable to stun their team 2-3 times.

Summon Tibbers: Not only does this spell do burst spell damage, but Tibbers is very strong as well. The damage Tibbers does is similar to a sunfire cape. A good way to use Tibbers is to use it with Energized. When you are Energized, wait for the enemy team to group up before initiating with Tibbers+Energized. It usually requires flash to hit a good Tibbers stun/ that stuns the majority of the champions on the opposing side. Most Annies forget to use the Tibbers to do damage, however it is very useful. Tibbers can be used for; Tanking towers(while diving), blocking skill shots, and you can even chase with the Tibbers to kill someone that is low( dies to the 40 hp per second burn). To use Tibbers correctly, press Alt then click to move to the desired area. To micro both Annie and Tibbers, press Alt and clicking to move to a target area then letting go and click to move to the target area again. This will make Annie and Tibbers go to the same place. If you are able to follow an Enemy champion while doing that spamming Annie's Incinerate and Disintegrate, the enemy champion is sure to die.

Initiation: There are mainly two ways to initiate with Annie.
1. Wait for your tank to initiate first and wait for their team to gather up. Then initiate with a Tibbers stun. Afterwards, stay back and continue to nuke.
2. Flash on to their carry (ashe, tristana, the hero that does the most damage) Tibber stun, incinerate, disintegrate). With this situation, you need your team to follow up and disable the rest of their team. If not done correctly you will just die.

Option 1 is usually the best, however there are situations where their carry does massive damage and needs to be killed in order to win a team battle. This option allows you to output the most damage through time and constantly disable their opponents if your team is positioned correctly.

Option 2 is very good with a Guardians Angel because, not only does their team waste all of their nukes to kill you, their carry hero is most likely dead due to the massive burst damage Annie causes.

Item builds on Annie:

Cookie Cutter Build (burst damage)
First item: Sapphire Crystal to Tears of Goddess
Second item: Sorcerer's Shoes
Third item: Mejai's SoulStealer
Fourth item: Rods of Ages
Fifth item: Guardian Angel's
Sixth item: Zhonya's Ring

Next, turn your Tears of Goddess into Archangels Staff

Tank/Survivalbility (disable/dps through time)
First item: Tears of Godess
Second item: Ninja Tabi
Third item: Rods of Ages (get Catalyst first)
Fourth item: Guardian's Angel
Fifth item: Banshee's Veil
Sixth item: Zhonya's Ring

Next, turn Tears of Goddess into Archangels Staff


  1. Well, due to reset, any chance we could get recommendations for "must have" masteries and the like? Now that level 30s are pretty uncommon :)

  2. Well organized Reg, thank you for explanining how to use her effectively as a solo lane and for providing two very useful item buildups for her based on her role in the current game. Thanks!

  3. For masteries, go for utility tree until 3/3 meditation, then offensive tree then finish the utility tree.

  4. I agree with most of this. Something to keep in mind tho. GET molten shield @ lvl 3 then proceed with the rest (I, d, I, d). For 25 mana its a no brainer to charge stun for cheap, then lvl molten shield the rest of the way in the later lvls when everything else is maxed.

  5. Its better Rod of ages than Zhonya's Ring? for last item