Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Win Games - Kayle the Adjudicator

*EDIT* Righteous Fury was hotfixed.

Today I had the privilege to play with a very skilled player in this game (Jackalope) and was able to learn a lot from him. I was utterly surprised when he was doing a critical strike for 900 damage 15 minutes into the game. I asked how he did it and he didn’t know. He just said Brutalizers wins game. It was unsatisfactory so we did some more research. At first we did not know but after some testing we discovered that Kayle is completely broken.

Right now Kayle’s righteous fury doubles her additional damage. So basically if you get +60 damage from a black cleaver. When you use righteous fury will double that damage and add it back to her base damage.

Some interesting thing is saw was 54% crit damage runes with infinity edge. 2300 Critical damage on Kayle and pentakills a team... GG

So here is how you can fully exploit her brokenness.
Summoner Skills

3 Deadliness, 1 Cripple
4 Alacrity
3 Sunder, 2 Offensive Mastery
3 Bruteforce
3 Brutality, 1 Improved Rally
1 Havoc

3 Hardiness, 1 Resistance
4 Evasion
1 Nimbleness

9 Mark of Penetration
9 Seal of Furor
9 Glyph of Furor
3 Quintessence of Furor

Item build:
Meki or Lifestealer

Try this out and use Kayle's Righteous Fury. You will literally own the **** out of everyone. Janna's shield adds extra damage and is doubled same with Aegis, Gemknight's ult, Rally will add 20% base damage then and additional 20% when you use righteous fury. Exploit the crap out of this so Riot can fix it faster!


  1. real pro cheat fucks,or should i say cheap fucks. this means to be pro and skilled = use exploits . you're a laughable joke Jackalope and Dan Dinh

  2. Lmao they did research, good job on figuring it out. Fuck the game for making this exploit available. Riot needs to learn to code better, because any patch that comes out it just means that there are different op heroes. EVERYONE in this game uses exploits. . .

  3. i know this is an old post but u guys are idiots realizing how a skill works and what it works well with is not an exploit