Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Uncommon Exploit - Dragon Level 1, Take no Damage

I recently had a game with some of the other pros against some other pros to scout out what the competition was like. In that game, my buddy Jackalope specifically choose Blitzcrank to show me something cool. At the 1 minute 36seconds mark we reached the wall behind the dragon and created a box at the kink (corner) where the wall of the dragons den meets the border of the river.

Blitzcrank proceeded to pull the dragon across the wall and then we downed it. When Blitzcrank pulls the Dragon across the wall, it will want to run back [and won't attack you] because League of Legends AI tells all neutral creeps to return to its passive position when it gets a certain distance away from its original spot to prevent it from chasing a hero across the map.

Important things to note:
1. Try this in a practice game first because you will fail the first time.
2. Box the dragon.
3. Leave enough space between Blitz and the wall so the Dragon can actually be pulled across.
4. It can be done with 2 man but the positioning has to be perfect.
5. You have to have a Blitzcrank.
6. You're not the only one who knows about it (whenever I see a blitzcrank I gank their dragon/steal their lizard).


  1. It'll be interesting to see if they'll fix this exploit or if we'll see big fights at the dragon for a couple weeks.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. not really an exploit just a good strategy

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