Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blitzcrank Guide - by Korean


Summoner spells: Teleport/Flash or Teleport/Exhaust

You should always grab Teleport while playing Blitzcrank. There will be many times where your teammates will be fighting, and you will have the opportunity to teleport in and help out with Power Fist.

Flash is also a great summoner spell to get. You can flash in an initiate with a power fist. You can flash out to try to escape. Or flash in to power fist someone running away.
And some more advanced techniques would be flashing away, and grabbing them towards your tower/allies.

Exhaust is another option. If you are the more aggressive player, exhaust can help you and your teammates score that first blood. Later on as you reach Power Fist
level 5, exhaust + power fisting can keep your enemy by your side almost indefinitely. Exhaust is great for ganking.

Marks- +Mana at level 18.
Seals- +Mana at level 18.
Glyphs- +Mana at level 18.
Quintessence- +Mana, or +Exp, or +Hp regen. Take advantage of these Quintessences early game. So grabbing the +Mana (not the level 18 ones), or exp boost,
or Hp regen can really make a huge impact on early-mid game. All 3 work well, and all depends on personal preference.

I believe runes are the most important thing that you can put on a Blitzcrank. They play the biggest impact on how a Blitzcrank can operate throughout
the game. And I have found that stacking mana runes will make you extremely hard to kill. And give you the mana pool that you need early game to spam Grabs.
I've tried various rune builds, cooldown builds, dodge builds, regen builds. Stacking mana seems to be the most effective. By level 18, runes alone
will net you somewhere near +800 mana. The reason why this is so effective is because of Blitzcranks passive. He forms a shield with his mana when he gets low
on hp. Having a large mana pool will allow you to stay at low hp for a long period of time, because people will be draining your mana instead of your hp. And just
natural player instinct, when you see low HP, you will aim for it. Little do they know, that youre still really hard to kill. While enemies are trying to get the
last hit on you, your teammates will be killing them. This is my personal little secret to get the edge on other Blitzcranks. And I might regret sharing this!

Masteries: 9-0-21

9 Points in Offense tree.
0 Points in Defense tree.
21 Points in Utility tree.

Get the extra cooldown reduction!

Q - Rocket Grab
W - Overdrive
E - Power Fist
R - Static Field

1) Q or E. Depends on what your teammates want to do. E for early ganking (first blood). Q for regular laning.
2) Q or E. Whichever skill you didn't get for your first skill.
3) E.
4) Q
5) E.
6) R
7) E
8) W
9) E
10) W
11) R
12) W
13) Q
14) W
15) Q
16) R
17) Q
18) W

This is my personal skill order. W (Overdrive) comes in handy in a lot of situations. The extra speeed boost can help you get close to enemies to power fist.
Or to chase, and run away.

Items :

1) 1 Sapphire Crystal, 2 health pots.
2) Sapphire Crystal turns to Sheen
3) Boots of swiftness

This will be your cookie cutter build. A Blitzcrank with sheen is extremely effective. Once you have your sheen you should be trying to gank enemies.
Boots of swiftness is highly effective with Blitz as well. Topped off with his Overdrive skill, you can escape most situations. From here on, there
are a few ways to build a Blitz. But he should ALWAYS be built as a Tank/Support.

So take a look at your enemies champions. Your worst enemy is probably Veigar due to the rune build. If this is the case, try to get a Banshees Veil
asap. If the enemies teams' dps is mainly casters. Get magic resist. Banshees veil, Aegis, and Guardian Angel. However, if your enemies team is physical.
I'd suggest, Frozen heart, Aegis, and Guardian Angel.

My favorite item on Blitz is Frozen heart. It's cheap and effective and allows your Power Fist cooldown to be imba.

Keep in mind, mana is your friend!

How to play :

During the early game, I try my hardest to farm as fast as I can for the sheen. However, if your laning partner wants to be aggressive, then support him with your
grabs and your power fists. If not, then continue farming. Remember to use Blitzcranks power fist to farm mobs. You will deal double damage, so if you're having trouble last hitting, use this skill.

Concealing yourself in brush is a good strategy for Blitz. Grabbing people from brush so that you and your partner can jump on them gives you a huge advantage
early game. Also, try to use brush to your advantage. If you have a hero chasing you, run into some brush. Wait for them. When they get to you, power fist them in the air. And then resume
running. Continue to do this until you get away.

I don't think mindlessly rocket grabbing is a good idea. It has a pretty long cooldown for a regular skill, so I try to use my best judgement as to when would be
a good time to grab. Such as, when they are getting near your tower. Grabbing them to your allies. And most importantly grabbing when the enemy is running away.
Do not rush yourself when they are running away. Take your time. Most players will try to juke you out for the first few seconds, and then they'll walk a straight line. This will be your

Blitzcranks role is to support. Hopefully you are not forced to be the main tank. He can most definitely play the main tank role though if need be. When there is a group fight I will always try to run into the center and use his ult. And I try to stick onto the DPSer with Blitzcranks power fist.

It'll take some time to practice his play style and push his limits.

A good tip to keep in mind is to spam his E about halfway through the cooldown. You'll see the cooldown bar resetting but you can actually cast his E about
1 second faster than the cooldown bar actually shows. When I am chasing someone, I will constantly spam E with my left finger while right clicking on the enemy.


  1. I play Blitz almost exclusively and I use a build quite similar to this. The only difference is I usually open with a Catalyst the protector which has great utility in early levels when you are constantly levelling, especially if you gank a lot early game. What are your thoughts on this?

    I gotta admit, pure support tank does wonders for organized play when you have teammates you can count on to DPS. Great guide!

  2. great guide reinforced the way I like to play Blitz one thing I learned from playing Alistair is when you grab power fist run behind them it gives you a better angle to beat on them.

  3. the 9 points in offense is that getting archaic knowledge?

  4. i usually play blitz as utility and go
    rejuvi bead start,
    return to base with 900 for boot/emblem of valor or maybe wait till i can afford boots of mobil.
    i then finish starks and decide where to go after that. I build him to help the team because it doesn't matter what your dps is if you grab punch someone with 2+ friends nearby, (that guy is dead).
    I also go heavy overdrive once i have fist and grab because its so useful for rushing into a tower getting a few good licks on it, then backing off before the opponent can even do anything about it.

  5. i play blitcrank as AP/tank. rylais scepta, rod of ages

  6. What s thé sheen Plz ?

  7. very good guide!
    I'd certainly had other ideas for him before reading this. But all of yours look a lot better. Thanks! =D

  8. nice guide.. i build sheen based on the enemies team. if alot of nukers then i build directly to banshee veil or else its sheen then the rest. :D getting frozen heart/mallet is good too. if u are forced to b the tank lol

  9. doran ring should be first item, blitz need mana and hp in early game

  10. I usually grab philosophers stone straight off the bat as my first full item, makes for a forgiving early game if you're laning with a great partner like Sion. Just grab em over, power fist and POP em in the air, sion stuns em and you go overdrive and go medieval on em and you can nearly always get the first few kills of the game that way.

  11. I open with boots of mobility then manamune to get a good use of his passive