Sunday, October 11, 2009

Exploits - Elder Lizard, Golem, Dragon part 1

In the last couple of days, I've been doing some serious testing aside from working on my website ( Some of the things I found out testing and learning from other players are 3 known exploits. Some well know some not that well know.

First off let me explain that it will be hard to execute it by me explaining it verbally. I cannot post a screen shot due to the NDA of the game. I will start posting screenshots once the game is released. Also I would like to explain to you that Riot already knows this, you can probably find something like this in the forums (I dont know where because I havent checked).

How to kill ancient golem without it hitting you: You need sight of the creeps to initiate an attack or an aoe spell that you can use to hit it out of your Field of Vision (IE:wild care, incinerate, lay waste). Have player stand on the side of the golem so you can see it. The range will stand on the opposite side of the wall and initiate the attack. The golem will target the first attack and will animate its attack but will not hit the target.

This works for the elder lizard as well. There are more skillful way of doing it solo but it is too complicated to explain with just words.

I will post how to do the dragon tomorrow.

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