Friday, October 16, 2009

League of Legends Guide - Anivia by Reginald

Anivia- The CryoPhoenix

Summoner Spells:

Rune book:
Nine Greater Marks of Resilience
Nine Greater Seals of Evasion
Nine Greater Glyphs of Insight
Three Quintessence of Fortitude

Offensive Tree:
3 points into Archmage's Savvy
1 point into Deadliness
4 points into sorcery
1 point into Archaic Knowledge

Defensive Tree: None

Utility Tree:

1 point into Spatial Accuracy
3 points into Perserverance
4 points into Expanded mind
2 points into Utility mastery
3 points into Meditation
3 points into Movement
1 point into Blink of an Eye
3 points into Intelligence
1 point into Presence of the Master

The Beginning:

1x Sapphire Crystal
2x Health Potion

Lane: It is very important for Anivia to get the solo lane middle. Anivia is one of the best solo heroes in the game. When playing anivia , the player must play very aggresive and take advantage of her passive rebirth spell. At the early stages of the game, the player using Anivia should always be trading hits with the opponents. It does not hurt to use your egg early in the game. Anivia does massive damage per second when she hits level 6, take advantage of her ultimate and her E. When hitting level 6 , begin to get the Ancient Golem buff ( blue rune). This buff is very useful to Anivia, it helps her farm and gank very well. After getting the blue rune, ask a teammate to take over your solo middle lane and begin to gank. Reaching a fast level 6 means very easy kills for anivia. Make sure to continue to look for the Ancient Golem Buff.

Leveling her Ability:
Level 1 : Flash Frost (Q)
Level 2: Frostbite (E)
Level 3: Frostbite (E)
Level 4: Flash Frost (Q)
Level 5: Frostbite (E)
Level 6: Glacial Storm (R)
Level 7: Frostbite(E)
Level 8: Crystallize (W)
Level 9: Frostbite (E)
Level 10: Flash Frost (Q)
Level 11: Crystallize (W)
Level 12: Flash Frost (Q)
Level 13: Flash Frost (Q)
Level 14: Glacial Storm (R)
Level 15: Crystallize (W)
Level 16: Glacial Storm (R)
Level 17: Crystallize (W)
Level 18: Crystallize (W)

Flash Frost
Adding Flash Frost at level 1 has many purposes such as; Early game ganking, you can use it as a stun and a slow. Another useful way to use it is to stun dragon/lizard early game to reduce damage from your tank. If you happen to engage in a battle before the spawning creeps, Flash Frost can single-handedly help win a battle because of its aoe stun. (Try to aim in the center of their team) They are usually grouped up at the beginning.

Tips on using Flash Frost:
When heroes run up to hit you, their hero pathing is straight. ( Aim at them and be ready to detonate). Always be ready to detonate your flash frost spell. ( Learn the Area of effect that Flash Frost hits). By learning the area effected, Flash frost can be hit even when it comes close to the target. Another way to land your Flash Frost is to set it up with Glacial Storm. Your enemy champion will attempt to run out of your Ultimate with a straight pathing in order to take less damage. Exploiting their fear of your ultimate, you can stun them inside Glacial Storm and constantly spam your Frostbite.

This spell can be used in a defensively or offensively. The purpose of this spell is put the other team in a bad position and mess up their synergy.
Instances where this spell is very useful:
Blocking enemy team from chasing you.
Blocking them from running away.
Trapping hero/heroes by the wall.
Blocking off their carry from doing damage.
Cancelling someones Teleport.

Tips on using Crystallize: Using flash to combo up with your wall is a good idea. For instance, when champions are running away.... flash and block off their escape route, then combo up with your Flash Frost and Glacial Storm.

Frostbite: This spell is Anivia's main offensive spell that outputs the majority of her damage. Basically use Glacial storm and spam Frostbite.
Tips: Initiate with Flash Frost, then cast Frostbite, and then cast Glacial storm.

Glacial Storm: This spell is mainly to setup your frostbite. However this spell does massive damage in team battles due to the fact that it damages every enemy champion that is in the area of effect. ( Make sure to turn off Glacial Storm when it is not effecting enemy champions. Forgetting to do so might lose you a kill or two).

Item Builds:
Begin with Sapphire Crystal and work towards a Tears of Godess.
1st Item: Tears of Godess
2nd item: Sorcerer's Shoes
3rd item: Catalyst the Protector
4th item: Catalyst the Protector
5th item: Transform first Catalyst Protector into a Rod of Ages
6th Item: Transform second Catalyst Protector into Rod of Ages
7th Item: Build Guardians Angel's
8th item: Tears of Godess into Archangel's Staff
9th item: Zhonya's Ring

End game Items: Rods of Ages x 2, Zhonya's ring, Sorcerers shoes, Guardians Angel's, Archangel's staff.
There are many builds for Anivia-- this one is mainly to tank damage, and to take as much damage over time as possible. There are many builds for her and depending on the team she goes against, changing her Sorcerer's Shoes to Ninja tabi may be a good idea.


  1. Just want to doublecheck here: you'd like us to provide a link to this guide rather than uploading it in its entirety (plus credit of course) to the wiki?


  2. After reading a few of your guides, I'm really enjoying the liberal use of Ninja Tabi on casters. Most people don't realize the benefit of those boots and how it helps to have them in so many situations.

    Awesome guide, really wanna try out the double catalyst...if I ever get away from tanking :)

  3. The double catalyst is very good provides much needed mana early in the game. I always go 2x catalyst and served me well.

  4. Your Runes fail, get

    Marks = Insight
    Seals = Resiliance
    Glyphs = Force/Focus (I Prefer Force)
    Quintessence = Force/Fortitude/Swiftness

    Item build would be good if it actually worked.

  5. "Anivia is one of the best solo heroes in the game"
    suppose thats wrong, in early and aswell in endgame. u cant even take advantage of ur egg then cause no one will defend it.In addition, anvia doesnt like ranged heroes, and often there is a ranged opponent in sololane.

    secondly, i recommend meijas soulstealer to any anivia player. Get it right after boots on (wich should be first item). This is due to the fact that you will get many supports (thanks to glacial storm), therefore it is charged quickly.

  6. to post above.

    boots as 1st item ?
    is that joke or what?

    i go for mana crystal -> catalyst.
    then sorc. shoes
    then mejai
    then Rod
    zhonya/rylais ( double slow works cool )
    then some AP too.

  7. good points all around. but my build is mana crystal, sorc boots, majai, arch staff, then void staff. by that time, im laying so much waste, the other 2 items arent important, although im considering incorperating the rod into my build. anivia is very good against range considering her range is among the best in the game. Sivir is the only champ that gives me problems as far as range is concerned. -igm omnomnomage

  8. i havent played anivia before but am gonna put item list for him and hope u comment if its bad or not and why :)

    saphire crystal
    2 hp potions
    boots of speed
    rod of ages
    sorcerers shoes
    3 archangels
    zhonya ring