Monday, October 5, 2009

Gangplank the New OP

Ever since Gangplank got buffed this last patch, I have noticed a significant increase in the number of players that uses him in each match. The most popular build I see is critical damage gangplank. Just by solely stacking all Furor runes and quintessence an offensive mastery Gangplank can crit for 700 easily without any items. There are two ways I play this character and both is highly effective. The first specialization is CritDMG Plank and the second is TankPlank. Today I will post the Runes, Masteries, and Item build I use to play this character as a Parlay Critting maniac and Tomorrow I will show you how to build him as a tank.

Summoners Spells: Users Discretion, But I get Exhaust, Ghostwalk or Teleport.

9 Mark of Furor
9 Seal of Furor
9 Glyph of Furor
3 Quintessence of Furor

3 Deadliness, 1 Cripple
1 Sorcery, 4 Alacrity
3 Sunder, 2 Offensive Mastery
3 Bruteforce
3 Brutality
1 Havoc

1 Teleport, 3 Perseverance
4 Awareness
1 Expanded Mind

Item Build
Meki Pendant(combinable to philo) & 2 Health Pot
Avarice Blades
Avarice Blades
Swiftness Boots
Cloak of Agility>>To Infinities Edge
Zeal>>Phantom Dancer

Generally I would parlay heros to harass them. However, if they have a health regen item, I find it is more useful to farm with it Parlay. At level 6 I can either roam and gank or stay in my lane and farm and throw my ultimate to assist in gank. Coupling Gangplank and Amumu double ult. Any team with these two as a combo will be a force to be reckoned with and has ensured very high probability of winning. Something to try out: Have an amumu come in and pop his ultimate 1 second delayed of a Gangplank ult. Have your team rush in simultaneosly. The results should be epic!

GangPlank Release Notes
Lowered Base Armor from 22 to 20
Increased Armor per Level from 2.2 to 2.8
Lowered Base Crit from 3.7 to 3
Increased Magic Resist per Level from 0 to 1.25
Cannon Barrage
Increased Damage per Cannonball from 150/200/250 to 160/220/280
Increased Slow % from 40/50/60 to 40/55/70


  1. this works really well. crits very hard.

  2. Not bad not bad, personally i love GP, and play him in a similar way.

    I use all furor runes like you, but slightly different gear.

    I start with crit gloves, a health pot and a mana pot. Build the gloves into an Averice blade, then go Infinity edge, beserkers greaves, phantom dancer, blood thirster, then depending on the match i go either another phantom dancer or a black cleaver. sometimes a frozen mallet and i sell the averice blade to make room for more gear. When fully geared i swap the boots out for yet another phantom dancer. :)

  3. gangplank is op the only ones playing him are losers who can not play a not op character!