Monday, October 19, 2009

Soraka - How to Lane Soraka

In this post I will briefly show and explain to you how I lane my soraka. An important thing to note is that I play my soraka very agressively due to the survivability from her heal and her magic resist passive.

First-off, the thing I like to do the most is to get golem at level 1 with her star call ability. The ancient golem buff will increase her spam power to heal and deal damage. This also allows me to not get mana infusion as my second spell.

The next thing I like to do is to run past the creeps and harass other champions to prevent them from getting last hits and if I can push the far back enough to deny them exp.

The two summoner's spell I have is heal and ghost walk. It allows me to heal bait champions and dance around them while I starcall at the same time hunt other champions down. As a last resort it will allow me to escape and exit the battle.


  1. Yeah really nice video!
    Would also love to know the name of the song :]

  2. Also really want to know what the song is

  3. it's a song by 009 Sound System

  4. That blitz you were against was terrible, there were a few times where he had perfect line to pull you into the tower and he didnt even try...

  5. Blitz was a noobie.. you wouldnt survive if he knew hot to play it :)