Friday, October 16, 2009

Pro Tip - Gangplank / Nunu/ Heimerdinger/ Smite

Since the new patch yesterday, a lot of new content has been release and a lot of new game play mechanics were introduced. Heres what you can do with Gangplank, Nunu, Heimerdinger, and Smite.

Gangplank - can raise morale using Heimerdinger's towers. This is beneficial in a teamfight where creeps are not available (in the forest). By Classick.

Nunu - can consume opposing team's turrets for health. It is beneficial in a forest fight because a Heimerdinger will almost always drop a tower.

Heimerdinger - should drop turrets in brushes so range heros have to run into it and take hits before they can target it. Also drop it in common choke points where people would have to go through to gank you for vision (like teemo's mushroom).

Smite - You can smite Heimerdinger's Towers.

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  1. What about Jester's jack in the boxes? Same?

  2. The Jack in the Box is Immune to magic.

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