Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Team Composition - Tanks

One of my readers asked me about team composition yesterday and asked that I write about it. The 3 important aspects of any successful team is tank/initiator, crowd control, and. I will start off with tanking, then I will move onto crowd control after I have fully covered tanking and so on for dps.

Starting with Tank/Initiator:
You want a champion that can run in there first to take hits and blow cool downs before your dps and crowd controlers come in. While they are blowing their cool downs your dps and crowd controllers can rush in to deal damage and not take hits because the enemies spells are all on cool down.

Champions that falls under the tank sections are: Malphite, Amumu, Sion, Singed, Nunu and Rammus.

If your tank happens to have a good initiating spell like Malphite and Amumu that can stun the opponents team then it is best to rush in simultaneously and pick 1 off instead of having the tank lead. Because Malphite can rush in with his ultimate and as an Amumu you want to carry flash to fully utilize his curse of the mummy ultimate.

Under the tank section: I would definitely always pick an Amumu or Malphite. Also looking at the top 3 teams in the Couch athletics tournament. Every team ran a Malphite and banned amumu. Those 2 tanks are game breaking.

The next post will be about how to build your tank, item wise to maximize survivability.


  1. Can't wait for the next post, I recently started Malphite and still confused about what items to get, hope you post soon :D

  2. Yeah, I am also trying to figure out Malphite. I feel like I have very little control after using the ult. How do you keep them focusing you so they don't destroy your team.

    Also, what should you expect out of your team to utilize him properly. Seems like every time I initiate, I get so far ahead of my team, that I usually die before they really get a chance to take advantage of my charging in.

    I guess I look forward to one of you all writing a guide on him. I really like him, I just feel less competent than when I played Sion following Ch33sy's guide.

  3. One thing about malphy is that your team needs to be competent to back you up...he's not like alistar or kayle where he can just pop invuln and run and live...when you get in there you need your team to get in there right behind you and back you up.

  4. nunu is no tank. having a bit more life doesnt make him a tank. his ulti doesnt make him a tank. he got no initiate skills. he is a pure mage. with a bit more life. gj about the other tutorials.