Saturday, October 24, 2009

Team Aon Round 1&2 Video Compilation

Heres the run down. For round 1 we ran a fun team and there were no real strategy involved. However, for round 2. Our strategy going into this was to just run the characters that we all play be independant of what the other team is doing. What we knew we wanted was definitely a Soraka and Morgana. Heal and shield for the win.

What we did was lvl 1 Ganks near the dragon and golem. We killed 2, then got the golem and went to our lanes. We lanes Soraka(dan)/Kayle(lasthit) vs Amumu Jax Bottom, Anivia(regi) vs Gangplank Mid, and Morgana(dyrus) & Teemo(cheesy) vs Twitch and Maphite.

Oh basic strat was just total lane domination/rune control/dragon control and roaming ganks by 7 minutes. We ran the same set up the second game with the same strat.


  1. Is it possible that I can get the full match videos. I'm sure the file sizes are huge but if there is anyway you can host them that would be awesome

  2. For fraps its 1 gig to every 3 minutes of raw footage, so we didnt fraps the entire game.