Monday, November 23, 2009

Analysis on Premade & Solo Queue

This post is in regards to my quick analysis on Pre-mades and Solo Queues. In this post I want to address the advantages and disadvantages of both and how the Elo system works with and against you. Please excuse my poor grammar and unorganized thought (I wrote this on a whim).

The advantages of being in a pre-made is that you get to play with the people that you want to and enjoying playing with. In the beginning when you first build a pre-made, with the current Elo system, it puts you at a disadvantage. It puts you at a disadvantage because the system assumes that because you are queuing in a group you are coordinated, have good communications, and are employing a real strategy. Because of those assumption the systems raises the average Elo of every player (it feels about 150-250).

What does this mean to you? It means that if you are making a pre-made with players you do not regularly play with, the system will have an incorrect assumption about your overall team's skill level and match you against often better solo queue players which you have no advantage over. The consequences are: you lose more frequently and gain less Elo for winning.

Light at the end of the Tunnel for Pre-mades:
If you regularly play with a group of friends or have a set 5 man team, in the long run you will acquire the team skills to fulfill those assumptions. Some strategies and line-up cannot and usually will not be employed by solo queuers which you will be able to execute with enough practice. You will start off losing more frequently than winning but after several games, your team's average Elo will have adjusted for a 50:50 W/L ratio. However, because you are in a team, the overall learning and teamwork curve of your team will be higher than those of the solo queuers you matched with then you will start winning more frequently than losing. On an end note: Premades sucks at the beginning but, they are the best at the top therefore a majority of the players will have a negative impression of pre-mades if you do not queue together frequently and consistently.

Solo Queue:
Quite the opposite of the 5 man pre-made. The system actually works quite well in your favor in terms of Elo points rating system. You will feel this especially of you started out in random pre-mades with players you do not play with frequently. Playing in premades with relative sub-standard teamwork and coordination will tank your Elo. So when you start playing in solo queues, you will be continually be match with better players and against worst players (with the assumption that you are being matched against the unorganized pre-mades).

Advantages: You get better players more frequently on your team and your Elo climbs higher and faster.

Disadvantages: Overall, solo queuing all the time hinders your team play potential. Also, once you cap out on where you should be, you will think that pre-mades are the way to go. So once you start forming a pre-made after solo queueing the system will try and reassess your team's skill level and once again will have an inaccurate assessment and place your pre-made against better solo queuers or a correctly assessed team (happens specifically at the top). So if this situation arises you will lose more often than your win.

End Note: With the current system: it is too difficult to assess how to place solo queuers versus pre-mades because players switch between the two, too often. So I am not sure if I should applaud riot or not for taking a "road less traveled" by placing solo queuers and pre-mades in the same pool (take warcraft 3 ladder systems for example).

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