Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Insights on Current/Future Strategies

Currently, the game is heavily revolved around healing. Ever since the level reset and rune wipes. The game has changed drastically. Prior to this, heal was never too big of a deal because almost no hero can out heal burst physical damage. A Yi with with an armor pen/crit damage book can bust a hole through a Soraka is seconds disallowing her to take full benefit of healing over time. However, as things are in its current state, healing is the new "in" and it is hard to play with out.

You may correctly me if I am wrong, but I have experienced this game prior to the reset and generally have a good understanding of how this game is played recently and will be played in the future. I believe that slowly, you will see a transition away from heal stacking because the effectiveness of heal will slowly diminish as people acquire more masteries and the opportunity cost of it will increase as more champions become feasible once again.

I will further support this by explaining that most teams that runs multiple healers generally do not get ap. The ap scaling for heals is so low that it makes it not worth it. So as champions increasingly hit harder and harder passively (through runes/masteries). The healing will not beable to keep them up. Below is a chart showing what I just said. Say a champion with 2000 hitpoints. The base healing is 30/secs and is subjected to 100 damage/s with increments of 10 damage. The bottom row shows how long the champion will last.


  1. Too bad the area of effect team heals exceed 30hp/s. Alistar with locket alone exceeds 30 hp/s, let alone Taric's R.

  2. I'm just using that as an example for illustration purposes. I'm sure most champions deal more than 100 damage per second as well. It was never meant to be detailed.