Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tip of the day - Fully Utilizing Map Awareness

In order to control any game you need to maximize your map awareness. This can be done either by buying wards, dropping Teemo's mushroom in key locations. Alternatives to this would be using clairvoyance.

But a couple of things the better players use but most people don't, is to anticipate character movement direction and game sounds. What I mean by this is; say you see 1 person from mid heading south and 2 players from bottom backing into the woods. Automatically I would assume a gank or a dragon run.

The second thing I mentioned is sounds. With the way the map is set up, you can still hear each players casting spells or hear collision sounds even if you do not have sight of them. For example: They have a mundo on the other team and hes off the map for quite some time now. Scroll around the map to: Nashor, Dragon, and other creep camps. You will be able to hear his infected cleaver if you vision is in that area even if he is in fog.

The same applies with Anivia, Corki, and several other heros.


  1. Since you like making exploits public so Riot fixes them quickly, can you tell everyone how to bug masteries?

  2. niiiiice keep making them public so they keep getting fixed! :) thank yew