Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last Hitting

Last Hitting:

Is one of the most important aspect of them game and even more so after the next patch that increases gold gain. The purpose of Last hitting is to maximize your gold gain and minimize your exposure to taking damage. The first point is self evident, you only get gold for last hitting the creeps. The second point: which is not as obvious. Depending on how you want your lane to flow, pushed out or freeze in. Push out last hitting consists of hitting multiple creeps and setting up their hp. Underneath this concept there are 2 branches. HP differentiating and hp balancing.

Last Hit Pushing
[b]For Hp Differentiating[/b] you want to hit multiple creeps so that their is a big enough difference so that the passive damage from the creeps will not kill 2 creeps at the same time allowing you to last hit one then get the next (Sometimes 2 creeps are at 5% health at the same time, you want them both but you only have a single target spell and you have to make a choice of only getting 1).

Next is HP Balancing If you have an AoE Spell you can hit multiple targets with your auto attack to balance all their HP under your AoE Spell damage threshold. Once they are, you can cast your spell and kill all the creeps in 1 blow.

Last Hit Freezing You want to do this if you are 1, playing defensive or 2 preparing for a gank. The purpose of last hitting in lane freezing is to only do the minimum damage to the oncoming creeps so the flow of the wave is always in front of your tower. This will 1. provide you protection and 2. allow you to gank them because it is harder for them to get back to tower. When you are doing this, one of the thing that you can do is stay back out of attack range and run for for exp and last hitting.


  1. Hey Kassadin,

    Is there a way to turn auto attack off? Or do you need to keep moving side to side to prevent your guy from attacking too early and not having another swing/shot in time for the kill.

    Good advice that I am just getting into round level 28 :)

    1. If you haven't changed your keybinds, pressing S will command your character to stop all action. If it doesn't work, then you need to rebind the stop command in your keybind menu.

    2. Yes there is an option to turn it off.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. srry misspelled the first time
    to stop auto attack you press "s", but sometimes you have to hit it more than once.

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