Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Need Ideas for Future Posts

Most of my ideas comes on a whim and I know its relevant to some more than others. This post is ask you guys on what you would like to see more of. Like how to videos, guides, or fun stuff on LoL.

I was thinking of making a tower diving highlight compilation video. Using "Holy Diver" as the background music. Whats your take?


  1. My vote is for more guides.

  2. An updated recommended runes list for the updated runes next patch

  3. I want everything about the lol's news.
    I want good guides
    I want you to post glitch from time to time.

  4. start a community Twitter generally about everything on the site.

  5. Can you make a guide on optimum team compositions? Specific heroes, what to pick when your teammates have already picked heroes etc?

  6. More Guides with how to videos on key points of the characters.
    But mostly just more guides :)

  7. detailed tips and tricks.
    -pics showing safe spots from turrets
    -common mushroom placement for teemo
    -common pathing, most used paths
    -video guides of basic tricks(shorter is better)
    -clairvoyance usage
    -summoner abilities big writeup on them
    all i can think up off the top of my head not a bad start though

  8. Can you make a post on how to counter a jungling hero? Or how to counter teams going for early lizard, early dragon, early golem? That would be amazing. thanks!!!!

  9. You should do commentary on recorded high level games.. maybe with a partner so that we have that typical back and forth commentary mechanic.

  10. I think you should do a series of posts where you take a screenshot (or two) and ask the reader what they think the next best actions would be for the person whose Point-Of-View it is, as well as that person's team. I say one or two because you might want to hit tab and also show levels/items on each champ are.

    Situational stuff is great, and gets us a picture of how we should be thinking at any given point in a game.