Monday, November 9, 2009

Reviving the Early Baron Strat

Yesterday, I had a chance to play against a team that ran a very similar strat that I did 2 months ago. They ran a Warwick, Sivir, Taric, Soraka, and Malphite. Similar to ours, we ran a Warwick, Sivir, Taric, Ashe, & Nunu.

The strategy was to go team items: Starks and Aegis ASAP to do baron then push the base. It generally resulted in a fast 15 minutes win. My god, now I kind of know how it felt to be on the other end. At the time we used it, we had won 40 games in a row until the next patch came out at the time which introduced Blitzcrank. The OP Crank AOE silence had shut us down so we abandoned that strategy and opted for a different 1. In retrospec, now that they significantly nerfed Blitzcrank's ult (AOE Silence) that strategy has become viable once again.

For those that are interested. The strategy for Clan OP is as follow:

Team Comp: Warwick, Sivir, Taric, Soraka, and Malphite.

Summoner's spells: 5 Smite, 2 Heals, 2 Rally, 1 Promote.

Have 5 man kill Elder Lizard together (warwick gets the buff), then 5 Man Dragon. Warick and Malphite can roam in an out of jungle to control buffs around the map. Then gather as 4-5 to smite down dragon everytime it spawns.

Soraka: goes fast Aegis/Mecury Threads(mr boots)/Innervating Locket
Taric: Mercs/Banshees/Guardian Angel
Malphite/Sivir/Warick: Fast Madreds/Merc Boots

At lvl 6-8 when baron spawns: group up and kill it then push.

Important aspects of this strat: it is crucial to control the dragon for exp gold and the buffs around the map.


  1. Thanks for the strat. We tried it with some success last night. Question: when do you get Stark's? The article claims that you want Stark's ASAP, but later when you detail the builds, there is no Stark's listed. Is it Sivir's 3rd item, or his first?

  2. Yeah I'd like to see why promote. Unless it's to push the lane after you kill?

  3. and now is 2012