Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sivir- The Battle Mistress by Reginald

Sivir- The Battle Mistress

I will be writing this guide without runes because currently no one has any.

Summoner Spells:

Mender's Faith x 1
Hardiness x3
Evasion x 4
Nimbleness x 1

Spatial Accuracy x 1
Perserverance x 3
Expanded Mind x 4
Meditation x 3
Utility Mastery x 2
Quickness x 3
Intelligence x 3
Presence of the Master x 1

Level 1: Spiral Blade
Level 2: Spell Shield
Level 3: Spiral Blade
Level 4: Ricochet
Level 5: Spiral Blade
Level 6: On the Hunt
Level 7: Spiral Blade
Level 8: Ricochet
Level 9: Spiral Blade
Level 10: Spell Shield
Level 11: On the Hunt
Level 12: Spell Shield
Level 13: Spell Shield
Level 14: Ricochet
Level 15: Spell Shield
Level 16: On the Hunt
Level 17: Ricochet
Level 18: Ricochet

Items to start :
Meki pendant
Health potions x 2

Philosopher stone ( if under 6 minutes), if not then Chalice of Harmony.

If you're able to farm very well and able to get Philosopher stone and Chalice of Harmony under 10 minutes then buy it. ( these items are the ultimate pushing items on sivir)

Next, Beserker's Greaves, Stark's Fervor, Catalyst Protector, BF Sword( then make Infinity's Edge) , Next Catalyst ( to Banshee's Veil), Guardian's Angel, then Black Cleaver)

(SELL Philospher stone by 25 minutes)

End game items: Beserker's Greaves, Stark's Fervor, Banshee's Veil, Infinity's Edge, Guardian's Angel, Black Cleaver)

Basically getting Banshee's Veil on Sivir will make her unkillable in team fights.

Laning: Always solo middle. Sivir is the type hero that is only great for soloing because the fast levels that she gets help her pushing ability significantly. The object for sivir is to push down the turret in her lane. Always look for hits on the tower when it is available. Don't stop attacking the tower until the last creep is being focused by the tower. After destroying the first tier tower in your middle lane, switch up the lanes and push other ones.

Spiral Blade (Q): This skill is mainly used for harassing and farming. When casting the skill always target the ranged creeps on the back. Additionally, it would be very good if the spiral blade damaged the enemy champion too. The goal is to hit the ranged creeps and the enemy champion as well. Look for a good time and throw your spiral blade. Other times when throwing your spiral blade, you might want position you hero so when the boomerang comes back, you will hit them with the second hit. Doing this takes time and effort. When you have learned the correct positioning and areas to throw the Spiral blade, it is even easy to hit good players twice .

Ricochet (W): This skill is mainly used to push and is very good for farming. Usually the player wants to use Ricochet when Sivir is targeting the tower. While Sivir attacks the tower, the glaives bounce and hits the creeps. Ricochet is really good for team fights as well, make sure it is always on during battles. The bounces can decide a team fight easily.

Spell Shield: This is Sivir's built in survivability. Its her " Banshee's Veil". With masteries are shield is around 10 seconds. This spell is very good because it can block ANY spell. This spell is very simple, however it takes skill and timing to use correctly. In team fights, you're going to be targeted by multiple spells and your job is to block the spell that does the most damage or is most detrimental to yourself. Some good things to block are ; Ashe's Arrow ( Crystal Arrow), Morgana's bind (Dark binding), cardmasters gold card. Using the spell shield to block stuns and disables is much better than blocking pure damage. Blocking disables prevents them from damaging you while you're stunned. If the disabled are negated, then you're able to change your postion ( where it is safer to deal damage from).

On the Hunt: Her ultimate is very good for pushing and a great team fighting spell.


Team fights
Early Pushing
Late Game Pushing
Chasing/ Ganking

When solo pushing, its best to save On the Hunt to escape rather than dealing damage to the tower. What happens is usually, sivir breaks off from the group and pushes a tower. The 5 enemy champions gather up to gank her, as they come to gank her, Sivir can use On the Hunt to escape. As they chase Sivir, the 4 teammates on your team can push another side lane. This is a great strategy that i have done many times. Teams usually do not send less than 2 heroes to kill Sivir because she is such a hard champion to kill.

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