Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hero Leak: Poppy - The Iron Ambassador

Poppy - The Iron Ambassador

As this hero is not released, expect any information here to possibly change.
Battle Hardened (Passive)
Each time Poppy hits a target, she gains 1 damage and armor for 8 seconds. This effect stacks.

Iron Form
Poppy transforms into the living essence of iron for 10 seconds. While in this form, Poppy shrugs off damage per hit up to a maximum. If, after 10 seconds, Poppy can still absorb additional damage, the cooldown on Iron Form is reduced to 10 seconds.
Levelling up increases damage reduction and damage reduction limit, and reduces cooldown.

Poppy commands her summoner to bring her to a target ally. Once there, Poppy redirects damage from her ally to herself at a reduced proportion for 5 seconds, while protecting her ally from harm.
Levelling up reduces the amount of damage taken.

Poppy forgoes her discipline and goes into a rampage, dealing magic damage per second to nearby enemy units. Drains mana every second.
Levelling up increases the amount of damage per second, and (increases/decreases?) mana drained per second.

Poppy leaps forward and slams her weapon into the ground. The resulting shockwave deals magic damage and slows enemy units in the area.
Levelling up increases the damage and the slow inflicted to enemies, and (increases/decreases?) mana cost.

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  1. LoL, i dont where you got these infos in november, but if it was an official source, the developpers change their mind a lot! Because the actual Poppy has none of these skills! =p