Sunday, November 8, 2009

What I like about Soraka

You guys probably know by now that I really like playing soraka. This post is to just list some of the things that I like about soraka. You may or may not know it already but I'm going to post what I feel about her anyways.

1. Her heal level 1 allows you to harass constantly keep enemy champions behind exp line. It always allows you to tank hits for a few moments so creeps do not make it to the tower to freeze the last just out of tower range.

2. She has one of the longest normal attack range in the game. This allows you to harass heros infront of towers and behind creeps.

3. She can detect invisible units with her starcall ability. Whenever a stealthed unit is within starcall range the spell will light up telling you that you are about to get ganked. It also lets you chase down invisible units and kill them while they are stealthed.

4. Her magic resist aura is very beneficial throughout the game.

5. Her magic resist debuff from starcall, will greatly benefit any magic damage based team. By making all spells take more on debuffed champions sometimes by up to 3 times more when stacked enough times.


  1. Hi , i play with soraka too ,Soraka have 2 thing :

    she never runout ot mana , and is dificult to kill when th game start , soo you always win in the mid line cause your opotent dont have life (you have more range than him and spaming starfall) or you win cause he dont have mana , you can always destroy 2 towers if only have 1 oponent.

    BUT , here is the problem , soraka have a "suck ratio of PA" starfall heal and silence dot get much of your PA soo if you reach level 18 you have 2 options get full 45%CD reduction and some Pa (spaming more mana , more heals and more ultimates) or get some PA and Suports items .

  2. Yea, I'm aware of that limitation too but. Thats why I build her as a tank. Survivability allows her to cast more debuffs and stay at the front lines. I think having a innervating locket is very beneficial also because it give all allies mana and hp everytime she casts and shes always casting.

  3. 2010 post...xD. That is all.